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Ayurveda - An unparalleled Healing method
This holistic science developed in India over 6000 years ago, deals with three human aspects[ body, mind &soul ] as a single entity. Ayurveda offers a range of therapies and herbal medicines to balance the bodily principles and to integrate body mind and soul. At Punarjani we offer ayurvedic rejuvenation and curative treatments like:
Panchakarma (Five –fold purification therapy) 
Panchakarma refers five types of therapeutic procedures to eliminate the excess Thridoshas-vatha, pitta, kapha-from the body. It includes:
http://www.punarjani.com/images/bullet01.gif Snehavasthi
http://www.punarjani.com/images/bullet01.gif Kashayavasthi 
http://www.punarjani.com/images/bullet01.gif Virechana
http://www.punarjani.com/images/bullet01.gif Vamana
http://www.punarjani.com/images/bullet01.gif Nasyam 
Synchronized Massage (Abhyanga)
45 minutes full body massage by therapists with medicated herbal oils in a synchronized fashion. Prevents wrinkles scales, cures rheumatism, improves physical consistency, induces sound sleep, and increases general sense of well being &life span.
Herbal & Steam Bath
Keeping a person in a chamber filled with medicated steam until he starts sweating profusely. It improves peripheral circulation by vasodilatation, reduces high blood pressure and cleanses the body by eliminating impurities from the system through sweat. 
Pizhichil (Thailadhara)
The whole body is washed with lukewarm medicated oil followed by simultaneous soft massage. This is a rejuvenating therapy and will prevent ageing, wrinkles, paralysis, and muscular &neurological complaints. 
Elakizhi (Patharapotala Sweda)
Massage with boluses of chopped and fried leaves of some specific medical herbs after dipping in special kinds of medicated oils. Effective for various kinds of arthritis, spondylosis, sports injuries &joint pains. 
Njavarakizhi (Shashtika Shali / Sarasa Potala Sweda)
Massage with hot boluses of a special species of rice (Njavara), cooked with herbal decoction and milk, after boiling mixture of milk and the same decoction. Cures neurological disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, etc. a highly rejuvenating process that builds the power to bear & endure continuous stress and strain.
Choorna Sweda (Podikizhi)
Herbal powders are tied up in cotton cloth and used for whole body massage after dousing in hot medicated oils. This therapy helps in curing kapha, predominant conditions of arthritis, paralysis, and muscular pain etc.
Kati Dhara
A special self fermented medicinal preparation made out of various kinds of grains, lemon, horse gram, etc. is poured continuously on to the body after a short oil massage. It is analgesic in nature and widely used in inflammatory disorders.
Continuous pouring of herbal medicated buttermilk in an even stream on the forehead (about 30 min - 1 hr). It cures psoriasis, insomnia &other stress related problems.
Continuous pouring of herbal medicated oils as an even stream on the forehead for 30 min -1 hr. Assists in tuning up the brain, improves memory, prevents neurological ailments and help recovering from insomnia.

Luke warm herbal medicated oil is retained about an hour, within a cap fitted around the head. Heals facial palsy, dryness of nostrils, stroke, insomnia and headaches. 
Keeping medicated oil within a circle made up of black gram paste on the lower back (low back ache), and sciatica. 
Deep dry massage using herbal powder over whole body. Reduces kapha &mead (adipose fat),curs obesity, imparts mobility to joints, strengthens muscles &refreshes body.
Keeping special medicated ghee within a ridge made up of black gram paste around eyes. Helps in recovering from short sightedness, blinking, and dryness of eye, eyestrains and improves eyesight.




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