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 Treatment proved to be very good, excellent staff, feel much better than ever before.
- Miss.Gowri Ganeshan, Bangalore.

 The issue of severe radiating pain to both knees and unbearable back ache, troubling since months, improved tremendously after being treated in punarjani.. i am extremely happy and thankful for the wonderful treatment and releif from the severe pain.
- Mrs.G.Nirmala, Chittoor, Andhra pradesh

 Feeling much better and relaxed. my back ache seems to be vanished. good place, peaceful, neat and homely atmosphere.
- John George

 The Place is very well done and peaceful. Hope it remains this way. I hope to try and come for a treatment sometime.
- Mrs.Josby Jacob, Bangalore.

 14days of treatment at punarjani hospital, definitely improved my low back ache and cervical spondylosis.Here there is a good team of doctors and technically qualified therapists.Surely Punarjani is a great place for traditional treatment.
- Mr.R.S.Murthy,Bangalore.

 Wonderful place to be for ayurvedic treatment. homely feel with great ambience and wonderful professionals with lots of experience. I will definitely suggest about it to my friends and family members.
Mr.Jabeen, Bangalore.

 My mom was treated here for her severe back ache, which even restricted her to walk. But now she is very satisfied with the treatment in punarjani and is relieved of her pain, is able to walk much better. thanks for the good service and I am grateful for it.
Mrs.Usha Balan, Bangalore.

 Seven days of treatment made me feel fresh and lively.. I feel relaxed and stressfree.. a tidy, calm and homely atmosphere.. really awesome traetment.

 14 days stay during the course of treatment made me feel extremely homely with dedicated doctors, excellent staff, healthy food, calm surrounding and wonderful treatment.. the stay was worthy and my back ache is completely relieved.
Dr.Anitha kurup, Bangalore.

 Very friendly environment. the therapist was too good and tolerant to my 3.5year old, who was quite non co-operative. excellent treatment.
Mrs.Gomathy, Bangalore.
 Had a great refreshing experience.. feel rejuvenated.
Mr.Jaikanth Sharma, Bangalore.

 very good homely atmosphere with good treatment. stay was ideal with excellent staff, healthy food and greenery around. Punarjani has made me feel that my back ache was a history.. thank you for the good service.
Mrs.Ranjani.S.Kamath, Bangalore.

 My mother was treated for paralysis, wherein she was unable to move her left half of the body since 6 months.. 21 days of treatment proved to be extremely helpful to improve her general body condition and was able to move her paralysed hand firmly, also walk without support. heartful thanks to punarjani family, for their good service in all aspects.. i will suggest about it to my friends and family members too. I wish to take treatment for myself too.. sure to visit again.
Mrs.Lovely, singapore.




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