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Applying oil part of Ayurveda treatment

A unique therapeutic ambience, amidst nature's canopy, with a constructive piece of work, pertaining to Kerala's age old tradition, is being incorporated here, with subjective modifications to access. Stabilised wooden pillars, domesticable wooden furnitures adds a golden quail to its viability.

Technically trained and qualified therapists, with quality work experience, carry out the treatment sessions, amicably as per the concerned Doctor's advice. Health of the patient being our prime aim, lime-light is being focused on to a healing approach.

Curative Ayurveda is being practised in Punarjani, more than a decade and medicines from "Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala", the so called 'pioneers of ayurveda' is solely being used for all treatment purposes.

Life never stops nor turns back, rather does the time wait for anyone. Sustainance and survival being of utmost importance, in this competetive era, care of one-self and prior conscious preparation for the evolving surrounding has become a necessity, rather than an option.Man is getting back to nature and we at punarjani, help you out in reaching towards it, with a healing touch.

Qualified team of specialist doctors, General practitioners, well trained therapists, service minded staff, chiefly the curative Ayurvedic treatments amidst serenely ambience, wards off your ailments, adding upon colourful liveliness, for the yet years to come.

In patient stay rooms: They are well spaced, with a provision for an attender, ideally designed for Ayurvedic treatment and recuperation. Each room has attached bath, with hotwater facility. the best  of house keeping is carried out making the  stay comfortable.

Food: As per the treating Physician’s advice and recommendation food is prepared hygienically in Punarjani’s kitchen by trained cooks

Norms and guidelines: Punarjani has evolved certain guidelines,  looking into the safety and well being of the patient admitted. This will be intimated to the patient on admission.



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Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala
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